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Beautifully Expressive Live Performances

In this video, Harry Coad shows off how Impulse’s ultra-responsive, semi-weighted keyboard plays like an instrument. He also demonstrates the massive range of possibilities offered by the pressure-sensitive drum pads and instantly assignable knobs, all seamlessly integrated with Ableton Live.

Harry creates everything in this video using nothing more than a Novation Impulse 49, a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Ableton Live on his laptop, with library of sounds.

Total Studio Production Control

Impulse has eight knobs, nine faders and a variety of buttons, all of which can be freely assigned to let you sculpt your sound and mix with ease. This video shows you how to instantly assign those controls to your DAW with the click of a mouse, for total hands-on control.

This demonstration uses Focursrite Scarlett Plug-In Suite, but Impulse works just as smoothly with Ableton Live or any other major music making software.

The number one choice for controlling your DAW