Control Synths with Launchpad Pro |

Launchpad Pro Control Synths

Launchpad has come a long way.

This isn’t just a device that gives easy control of Ableton Live.

This isn’t just for creating colourful light shows.

Light-weight, durable and completely portable,
Launchpad Pro is the grid controller that you can chuck in you bag and take to the show. No more worrying whether the rotary encoders will survive the trip. No compromise on the level of control when you’re setup.

MIDI I/O means that you can also control your external hardware without the need to take several controllers. Don’t want to use Ableton Live? Don't want to use a computer? With standalone mode, you can work with any DAW, or go straight into your synths and use no DAW at all.

Launchpad Pro even gives you a whole new palette of deeper control in Standalone Mode. Velocity curves, aftertouch channel, pad lighting settings, MIDI channels... Launchpad Pro is no slouch.

Need the full nitty gritty? Check out the Launchpad Pro User Guide PDF.

We spent a long time perfecting the pads on Launchpad Pro. You've got to try them.
They’re not like anything we've released before, both velocity and pressure
sensitive they give a truly realistic and responsive feel and control to both your soft synths and analog hardware.

And the isomorphic layout of note mode will open up a totally different tonic palette.
We promise.

We simplified synchronisation with Ableton Live,
it's now plug and play. We've also added additional controls, such as quantise and record arm, for deeper DAW integration and introduced new features such as fader-glide, so the speed of parameter changes can be controlled by the pressure you apply to the pads.

Super-bright RGB LED’s offer a clear and customisable way of identifying your clips and are a true reflection of your Ableton Live session.

Spend less time looking at the screen.

We've brought Launchpad a long way, but we know that it's still capable of much more. That is why we've made the firmware open source. All over the world software developers and electronic musicians are pushing the boundaries of what Launchpad Pro is capable of. It can be a feature packed standalone sequencer, a multi scale mode synth controller or a TV Screen. Or a game of 'Ravenous Ravenous Rhinos'.

The choice is yours.