Post Industrial Punch: a free sample pack for Circuit |

Post Industrial Punch: a free sample pack for Circuit

Shawn Rudiman’s samples provide versatile grit for your groovebox.

As part of the Components Standalone release for Circuit, we’re supplying a collection of samples provided by Pittsburgh industrial/techno producer Shawn Rudiman. (Read our interview with Shawn here.)

Shawn’s pack is comprised solely of samples, so therefore you will find the synth patches are the Factory defaults. The samples, however, are where the fun’s at. There are 64 samples, arranged into groups of eight, as shown in the diagrams below — Feel free to print these out for easy reference.

Shawn sums up his pack like this: “It’s a collection of things that simply work live, with which I can generate a groove quickly and with texture. There’s an assortment of kick drums. A couple are home-grown by me, and there are a few of my favourite ‘infamous drum sounds’ — sounds I’ve heard on so many records over the years that seem to just hang with me for some reason. A lot of the sounds are quite a bit tougher than you’d expect from a ‘techno guy’, and that’s because I prefer more industrial-sounding drums. Some are even resampled at lower frequencies or on classic samplers to add aliasing and shimmer. Hats, congas, chord hits, snares, pings, pongs and kicks. I like having a good array of things on hand when playing live.”

The Post-Industrial Punch sample pack for Circuit is available for free now.