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A variety of user created mappings for Automap control of plug-in instruments and FX:

Nuendo 4 - 64 channel
Jacek Mazur

This is a 64channel mixer automap file for the Nuendo 4 software - PC 32 bit - any suggestion - feel free -

Upload Date: June 18 2013
OHM Force Ohmicide
Upload Date: June 18 2013
Patrick Schuelke

The most needed Parameters (also deeper Parameters) compact on 6 pages. Logical and ergonomic layout. All well descibed. No hyrogliphes parameter description. Pages are named as well with dummy parameters (no function)for easy orientation in the pages...

Upload Date: June 18 2013
Plug-in Suite
Oliver Burke

Contains mappings for
Focusrite Compressor
Focusrite Gate
Focusrite EQ
Focusrite Reverb

Upload Date: June 18 2013