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A variety of user created mappings for Automap control of plug-in instruments and FX:

Remote SL Ableton Live Script
Derek Cosgrave

The script and template give you control over:

The first 8 parameters of an Ableton device or a VST (you shouldn't need this for VSTs as that's what Automap Universal is for but it's an option) as well as bank changing (next, previous and 1-8) and locking to a device
The first 8 volumes
The first 8 sends of Send A and Send B
The first 8 track arm buttons
16 pads on a drum rack (I have found that the Remote SL also sends default notes so 8 rogue notes will be triggered while playing these pads, I don't know if there is a way of disabling it. A solution is to just leave these notes blank in the drum rack.)
Transport Controls, play, stop, forward, rewind, record and loop
I have also midi mapped a few features including, loop punch in and out, overdub, metronome, back to arrangement, follow, tempo/tap as well as nudge up and down, and quantization, scene launch, stop clips and scene select, master volume, headphone cue, master pan
Finally as I used Automap Pro for this template I incorporated some key commands to cover:
Up, down, left, right, arrangement/session view change, waveform/device view change, cut, copy, paste, duplicate, split and consolidate

Upload Date: June 18 2013
Prosoniq NorthPole
Upload Date: June 18 2013
Oliver von Wieding

Template for Native Instruments "SpaceMaster2" / Reaktor 5 Library Ensemble.

Upload Date: June 18 2013
Zebra 2
Wouter D.

Maps the XY pads of the zebra 2 synth to the nocturns 8 buttons.

Upload Date: June 18 2013