Make Beats with Launchpad Pro

Making Beats with Launchpad Pro

With Launchpad Pro you can make
tight, dynamic beats, fast.

Setup is simple, just plug it in, load up Ableton and you’re ready to go.
No need to worry about MIDI setup or additional power supplies.

Don't have Ableton?

Don't worry Launchpad comes with Ableton Live Lite and loads of samples to get you started straight out the box. Like we said - you're ready to go.

We spent a long time perfecting the pads on Launchpad Pro, they are unlike the pads on any other Launchpad - or any other controller for that matter. They feel great and are velocity and pressure sensitive. Load up a drum rack and play in a beat that sounds expressive, realistic and natural.

Super bright RGB LEDs mean that the clips accurately mirror your Ableton Live session, you can colour code your session and work accurately without looking at the screen. And it looks great.

We've added lots more software control, right on the device. If you mess up, there is a quantise button that locks everything back into the grid. We added a record button so you can overdub on the fly and stay in the zone without stopping to click record; you can access the click, and you can add and remove clips using dedicated buttons.

Launchpad Pro isn’t just a software controller. In standalone mode Launchpad Pro can be used to control your synths and drum machines. Got a gig? Playing a DJ set? Launchpad Pro is lightweight and durable. You can chuck it in you bag and still have room for headphones - without worrying about faders and knobs getting damaged during the journey.