Launchpad Pro x Ableton Live |

Launchpad Pro Ableton

Launchpad Pro is the easiest way to take full control of Ableton Live. We created the first Launchpad in 2010 because we wanted intuitive access to Ableton live’s workflow. Fast-forward through several iterations; we have now distilled 5 years of expertise and community feedback into Launchpad Pro.

Launchpad Range

(Enjoy that? Drop it into your Ableton and have a play: download the project file. No Ableton? No problem. Remix Harry’s session live in your browser with Launchpad Intro)

Launchpad Velocity Sensitive Pads

Velocity and pressure sensitive pads allow realistic and expressive performances using soft synths, software instruments or external hardware.

Launchkey Ableton Live
Ableton Live Clips

Super bright RGB LED backlit pads accurately reflect the Ableton Live session for easy navigation without looking at the screen.

Launchpad Pro

We have added the essential DAW control buttons: record, quantise, click and pattern editing can all be accessed from Launchpad.

Fader glide gives dynamic control over sends and levels using pad pressure,
firm hits give quick movement,
gentle taps create a slow fade.

Launchpad Pro Faders
USB Cable

small, portable and bus powered,
it is the Ableton Live controller you can have with you on the move
without compromising on the performance.

Launchpad Pro Connections

Launchpad Pro also has MIDI in and out for standalone use with your external synths - or should you use a different DAW for jamming with friends that haven’t yet realised how cool Ableton is. Yet.

Launchpad Pro is feature packed and constantly evolving. Due to the open-source nature of the firmware, there is a constant steady stream of developments from the community that push the boundaries of what Launchpad Pro is capable of - from standalone sequencers to video game inspired fun.