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Novation MiniNova promo videoSee the MiniNova in action

Harry Coade putting MiniNova through its paces demonstrating the performance synth modes -- including Animate -- the realtime arpeggiator editor, the brand new VocalTune™ effect as well as the vocoder. Watch the video.

Teddy Riley in the studioteddy riley novation sl mkii

We spent a day with Teddy, where he showed us around Future Recording Studios 2 and played us a brand new version of Guy's 1988 hit 'Teddy's Jam' on the MiniNova. Watch the video.

Novation MiniNova promo videoVocoder and VocalTune™

Two of MiniNova's most interesting and fun features are VocalTune™ and the classic vocoder. This video takes you through what they are and how to start using them to make those iconic vocal sounds. Watch the video.

Artist first lookmininova artist first look

We showed the MiniNova to a selection of high profile artists and producers on a recent tour of North America. Check out some of their reactions to the synth in this video. Watch the video.

Dorian Concept with MiniNovadorian concept

Just before we launched the MiniNova we took one to Dorian Concept and left it with him for a few days. When we came back, this is what he had created. Watch the video.

PillowTalk on their live setupimpulse pillowtalk

PillowTalk utilize the Impulse 61 controller, MiniNova and UltraNova to recreate the myriad of parts arranged in their studio live - with just three people. Watch the video.

Sky White Tigerskywhitetiger novation mininova

Sky White Tiger performs "Common" using only the MiniNova. Watch the video.

Hot Sugarhot sugar novation mininova

Hot Sugar puts MiniNova through its paces. Watch the video.