"Twitch: It's my main go to piece now"

Mon, 2013-01-07 15:24

ill-esha novation twitchIll-Esha has been performing as an MC and DJ since 1997 creating live sets with freestyle vocals and effects using the Novation Twitch.

“Currently, I'm using a TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch for my vocal harmonies and effects. I'm chaining that into the Twitch so I can play both units' effects. When I first got Twitch, I spent hours playing with the Slicer. It's so fun! The LED touch strips on the Twitch are the first I've ever seen and they are the perfect solution to my setup problems. I love the tactile sensation of pushing and pulling a track with vinyl, and Twitch is pretty close to that, but it’s light and fits in your bag. Previously in my live band, I used the X-Station 25 because it was so compact and convenient, and had everything I need. 

With Twitch, I'm not afraid to go to sound check anymore! Twitch has really allowed me to expand and do more intelligent editing a la Ableton, while still letting me play with pitch in Serato. It's my main go to piece now. It's so nice not to rely on other people bringing turntables and a mixer. I just show up and it works. 

Novation is unique in its class and seems to have the most options in the smallest amount of space. Twitch is flexible and innovative. I think the portability crossed with the variety of features on every Novation piece I've tried is what really separates them from the rest. For a travelling live setup, both qualities are essential.

On a constant quest to find the lightest, smallest and most versatile unit packed with the most features, Novation has always won out for me in a live setting. From my first live project with the X-Station to my current setup of the Twitch, I've always counted on Novation to hold the whole show together. It's been hard to convince the turntable purists at first, but after seeing it they usually come around - and want their own.”