"Impulse 25: Gets the job done which is what matters most."

Mon, 2013-01-14 16:45

le castle vania novation impulseWe caught up with Dylan Eiland, AKA Le Castle Vania, to find out why he uses the Impulse.

“My setup has to be pretty mobile because I'm on the road and touring a lot of the time. So most of my key pieces that I use have to be able to come with me on the tour bus or on the plane. I’ve been using the Impulse 25 while I'm on tour because it's nice and small but also durable. I also used it while doing a remix for Vitalic and a remix for an upcoming release on my label Always Never from a new artist we are putting out called Mad Owl.


The number one reason I use the Impulse 25 is that it’s a great portable piece that I can have on hand while I'm on the road for whenever the creative bug bites. It's my go-to MIDI controller for writing and working on music. I'm pretty sure just about every Le Castle Vania song was written using it. I also use the Novation V-Station software and the different effects modules.

The Impulse 25 is portable and gets the job done which is what matters most.”