Circuit Mono Station Example System Setups |

Simple Laptop setup

A simple laptop setup using only MIDI over USB. The key point here is routing the audio out of your DAW through Circuit Mono Station to use the filter.

Instrument input and effects control

For the more experimental guitarist – Guitar going into the audio input with gain up. Long note playing with only external audio up in the mixer section on Circuit Mono Station to keep the amp and filter open. Aux CV modulates the delay time.

Laptop and semi-modular setup

Another laptop set up using MIDI instead of USB with a smaller interface. CV used to get Pocket Operator in sync and provide additional modulation to the Peak.

Small Synth jam setup

A small set up of 2 synths and a drum machine. The important point here is that Circuit Mono Station can be clocked off the Volca FM sync out.

Controlling a Modular

This is how Circuit Mono Station can be used as sequencer for Eurorack. The audio output will need to be brought up to Eurorack level using an audio input module.